Friday, July 24, 2009

I should have quit while I was ahead

Just here Today actually, I shared my experience with falling in and out of love.
That love, that nagging love must have been at the back of my mind all day.
I pushed it away, got right down to work. Handed out the mini quiches that I had made for all the boys happily.
I worked away, we laughed and joked and I generally enjoyed my VERY BUSY friday.

Until 4:26pm when my darling B left a message on my phone.
He's a funny bugger with his short messages "Call me, re this customer and this flyer" Awesome I can spend the last 20 minutes of work speaking to one of my favourite people. So I dial the number.. and it rings. Odd I think, he'd have answered by now... But still I let it ring.. hang on what number did I ring again...

"Well hello" says a familar and un-mistakeable voice.

Thinks to self

"Uh hi, hows it going"

"ahh yeh okay and you?"

"Umm yeh not bad, okay I feel bad but I dialled the wrong number.. so weird"

"Not weird at all"

I can hear him smirking down the other end of the line.

Sucess he's thinking 4 weeks, no phone calls. I broke her. (okay maybe i'm being harsh he could have just been happy to talk to me)

General chit chat follow.. how's you.. tells me about the situation with the kids. Nothing new there, just a lot of back and forth.

During the course of the conversation he uses a big word... big meaning more than three silabals. I repeat the word.. knowing what it meant but it still surprises me that he talks like such a "grown up" when he's such a big kid.

He then proceeds to tell me this story about the movie beverly hills cop and how the word is revelant in the movie.. quoting the line from the movie and the guy.
Honestly I feel stupid because I can't remember the word now and its driving me NUTS!

The whole time hes talking im just sitting there going red thinking

Finally he stops talking and says "thats me and my random memories eh"
I respond with
"Selective memory of a goldfish"

he laughs hysterically.. as he only he does.

And I say "wellll"
Ya know that wellll ya do when you want to end a conversation.

He wishes me a good weekend, and then thats it.

I was short, sharp and slightly rude while talking to him.
So I sent him txt to say sorry.
I can't help it!!!
I don't like to be rude!!!!!


Hillary said...

That's funny, I hate when that happens! One time my DH sent a lovey text to a random girl when he meant me :)