Monday, July 13, 2009

My day/Night in a nut shell

2 hours sleep.
2 strong cofffes
2 many cigarettes
2 hours of presentations
2 frozen cocktails
2 glasses of wine
2 much dirty conversation
2 much food
2 very very drunk co-workers


TOO much fucking attention being paid to ME and MY relationship with MY friend.
Can people just fuck off? Seriously
B is a HAPPILY married guy.
He would never try anything.
I would NEVER do anything.
Don't stare at us as if we have something going on.
Its rude.
By the end of it, he had become so concious of the staring that he was scared to talk to me.

Needless to say he wasn't annoyed, or overwhelmed by our 5 hours of dinner conversation. He was just trying to protect us from having nasty rumours spread about us.Anyway, he called me to see if I got home okay and tell me it was great to see me and catch up.

SO suck on that.
He is not trying to get in my pants.
Yes he thinks I'am awesome and we work SO well together.
We share secrets, and stories.
But thats it.

I will always be friends with him.
UNLESS at the request of his wife we end our friendship.
Because I respect his relationship and I would never to anything to put any harm or stress on his marriage.
But that wouldn't happen because his wife loves and respects him.
Why can't people just leave it alone.


Sarah said...

People suck Caragh, plain and simple. Their lives are boring and so they pay attention to other peoples lives to see what they can talk about. Feel privileged that you two are sooooooo interesting that other people are fixated on you.

Bella said...

People like drama and they're always looking to create some even if it's not actually there. Sorry people are so annoying :(

PorkStar said...

I understand what you mean and i wish a couple of my relatives had been respectful of that with my marriage.

: (