Sunday, July 5, 2009

Wow- Wedding Review

So I just got home from the wedding.
HUGE fucking day I tells ya.
Getting up at 7am seemed like a good idea in theory, but in reality not so much.
Well my little idea about getting there early and beating the traffic and such..
Not so much a great plan. We were an hour early and hung out in the car.
My friend got married on a moutain... not literally on the side of a mountain but ya know up a moutain. Okay its too hard to explain here is the venue
It was a beautiful place.. HOWEVER.

Mountain + Middle of winter + Melbourne = FRICKEN COLD.
It rained a lot and was generally pretty damn cold.

The ceremony was very very quick. It wasn't a relgious ceremony, just like a chapel service. The mothers read poems, my friends son who is almost 1 was involved. He was so cute making a whole heap of nose. He has obviously learnt that when he put its hand too his mouth and pulls it away it makes a cool noise.
So there was lots of ah ah ah ah ah ya ya ya ya.

My friend looked beautiful, her dress was a bit.. err different.
White with beading but maroon straps.
It suited her but pretty much wouldn't have suited anyone else.
My other good friend her maid of honor looked stunning.
She was actually more nervous than the bride.. she falls over a lot.

After the ceremony there was a 2 hour gap until the reception.
HUGE drainer. Thankfully some of our friends had rented a room and we hung out there.
2 hours finally passed and we were hit with some drinks and lovely snacks.

The reception was nice mostly. Food was good. Speeches were cute.
I think I liked the first dance and the father daughter dance the best.
It made me want to get married only so i can make dad dance with me.

I had a pretty good time. The friends I went with got pretty drunk. One in particular had a bottle of vodka in her bag.
Yeh she drank it all and revealed to us at 9:30 that she had a party to go to in the city. Or rather her boyfriend was going to a party in the city and she wanted to keep an eye on him.
She was drunk, being obnoxious and loud so I thought rather than making her MORE miserable I would drive her into the city to meet her boyfriend.

What an interesting car trip that was. Glad I was sober so I can remember all the random crap she was saying. We left at like 10:30 which seems SO early but really I was stuffed and had to drive home.

Finally got her into the city 40 minutes later, stoppd to get my other sobering up friend some food (god im so nice) then dropped her home and came straight home to bed.

All in all it was a cute day.
I am glad to see my friend has found someone who truly loves her and wants to share a life with her and their son. They are very lucky.

Infact now I'm thinking everyone in a long term relationship is lucky.
And I'm feeling a bit alone ha ha ha.

Hope everyone had a good day.
I will have an AWESOME sleep tonight and a restful day tomorrow.



heyLyss09 said...

A 2 hour gap? That's kinda ridiculous. Glad you had somewhere to go...I might have gone out to eat and skipped the reception food.

Bella said...

I hate when weddings have long gaps in between the reception and wedding. I know sometimes it can't be helped, but it is a total downer. You were such a sweet friend to drive your drunk friends around! And, OMG, that venue looks amazingly beautiful!! You will be the one in a long-term relationship soon, my dear, don't worry your pretty head. I know it will happen for such a sweet person like you!! :)