Monday, July 20, 2009

To move or not to move that is the question

I don't mean actually move.
I mean off my bed.
tee hee.

Today is day one of caragh's awesome three days off work.
Today is the only dad I wont spend running around after dad making sure hes not being a dickhead.
He insisted on going to work today, which means I should be at work today.
But meh, they can suck it.
I totally deserve this as I've had NO sick days all year.
Coming from someone who for the first 3 years was in the minus... for her sick days that's a big effort.

I've already gotten up, got myself a coffee and lodged my tax return.
Ah tax time.. free cash..kinda.
I'm not due for a huge refund but hell who would say no to 1000 dollars.
I already have the money spent, but that's A-Okay with me.
It shall be used to spoil me, and pay off a few bills.

I can't believe its 11am already.. I didn't sleep THAT late.. Really it was only 9:30
Today will be filled with day time TV and playing computer games.
I am going to attempt to teach myself how to make blog layouts.
Yes I am going to attempt this. I will probably give up and throw the computer at the wall.

This TMI post goes out to big K who was complaining to me last night that my blog posts were boring and that its gross to talk about my period.
Well a big fat BOO HOO to you big K.
My period is due soon, and for once I'm really hoping it comes.
Hmm I also must must must make a doctors appointment.

For A) Some blood tests.. I know I need them.. I know I'm gonna have high cholesterol.
B) my unexplained gross probably from the other day
C) Update the doco on my girly problems, get another pill prescription
D) Refill my lexapro prescription.

I never thought I'd be so layed back about taking AD's for such a long period of time. But I will stay on them for the year. They really have helped me so much.. I am so much less of an angry and spiteful person.

Speaking of angry and spiteful.
I haven't heard from RM since last week.
Yeh I know I know.. I fucked him off..
Kinda sorta... maybe.
No I did, I did.
I am under no elusion that he is the perfect man who loves me to bits.

I don't think he's avoiding me, he's in a dark place.

6 year custody battle
Relationship breakup
Losing is house

ya think that would do it?
it's insane hes trying to deal with all of that on his own.

As my mum said though, some people do not want to be helped.

oh well, Doctor Phil and failure of trying to design blog layouts awaits me!

I havent moved.
MAN it feels good.
I am seriously considering quiting my job and becoming a hobo..
oh what a life..No seriously I could never do that but a girl can dream can't she.


Kitty said...

i was a backpacker/hobo for years.

i didn't work for months at a time and was poor and sometimes nearly homeless.

loved it.