Saturday, July 11, 2009

I can't help but laugh

Its before 8 on a saturday morning.
Normally i'd be asleep til atleast 2..
Okay not 2.. but ya know.. quite late.
I can't believe I am awake..
Yet again I can't believe I actually went to bed at 9:30pm on a friday night.
Loser much.
I guess I am getting old... oh so old.
What to do with myself until I can rise at a reasonable hour?
Stupid nightmares waking me up!


The good side of waking up early is

Taking yourself out for a yummy breakfast.
Going shopping.. yes I hate shopping.
I brought;

A Pair of Jeans (which I was convinced they wouldn't fit me when I picked them up but they totally fit well)
A nice going outish top- for my work dinner next week.
Lip Gloss
Clear mascara- Weird yes? nah coz I get my eye lashses tinted and I want them to look a little glossier..
yeh I'm so vain :(

Ummm a new hair brush.

Oh and I got a neck/shoulder massage which was nice..

I've put my washing on, done the dishes. Cleaned my room and its only 12:30.

I'm cheering for myself.. just a little.


Bella said... could read blogs! LOL. I'm sure you're already doing that :)

Sorry those darn nightmares are still waking you up. No fun :(

P.S. You are SOOOO not old!