Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Trial & Error & Error & Error

So this afternoon I mentioned I was going to try cooking some things.
Two things i'd never done before.. One was a mini Quiche, and one was a french pastry called a profiterole.

First I left work 10 minutes early to buy a mini muffin tray for the quiches.. well I forgot the recipe. So there I was trying to remember everything.
Threw it all into my phone so i didn't forget anything.
I get to the shops, remember to buy EVERYTHING. Awesome.

I begin with the quiche because I assume it will be easiest.
Honestly, I flew threw those in an hour while on the phone to B.
They taste amazing & I figure its a fluke.

My presentation is NEVER the best but they taste great and they are cute.

Second I start the rolls.

There are alot of process, melt everything.. add flower let it sit.. add eggs.
Its such a sensitive recipe because if you do one thing wrong the pastry wont rise.

First fail= Not enough flour.
Now because I didn't know what the consistency should be because the god damn instructions were so fauge. I threw them in the oven, within 5 minutes they were as flat as pancakes.. yeh not what i wanted.

My recipe was hack so I started again.

Again it was a bit better, but this time I put FAR to much pastry in a ball so they were spreading and didn't rise. It was also a little to runny.

So finally I quit. I throw in some flour into my left over mixture.
AND FINALLY it works, its the right consistency!!!!!!

Onto the tray in LITTLE balls this time.
Into they oven and they are rising into little balls of goodness as we speak.
(I think) haha I'm laying down because I've been standing to long.
Fuck I hate having a desk job, you forget what its like to stand up for a few hours!!

Well the batch SHOULD be almost done.
I then have to let them cool(crap) fill them with whipped cream and put some chocolate sauce on top.
If I get there and they don't end up in the bin..
I will take picture.

Seriously, cooking really is about trial and error..
Who'd have thought???


Profiteroles= Epic FAIL.
Hmm atleast I only wasted 10 dollars and 3 hours of my life.
I could have gambled that in online poker in one hand.


WiseGuy said...

LOLOL...well atleast one of the new recipes you tried DID work out....

Oops at the second item on the list...maybe with all the lessons learnt, the next try would be more successful?

And I would try anything you would cook! : )