Sunday, July 12, 2009

Poor Knuckles

About 2 months ago a lovely young man an idiot barely out of his teens moved to the apartment next door.
Normally I don't mind neighbours. Usally I am friendly.. the odd smile or a wave.

But this idiot really yanks my chain.
I mean REALLY yanks my chain.

You see, he has a lovely dog.

First of all WTF at knuckles, what a terrible name.
I don't blame the poor thing for being such a sook.
And thats what he is, he's a sook. I haven't seen him but judgeing by the loudness of his bark, and the way he bounces around over there I am assuming he is quite large.
Next door has no backyard, only a small courtyard.
Poor thing is going mental in there.
I haven't seen them walk him, not to say they don't be come on.

Poor knuckles is always getting in trouble.


Honestly I think it would be in knuckles best interest if I went over there and gave his owner a fricken knuckle sandwich.

He is a bit of a complainer, its been cold lately so he whines a lot.
He also poops a lot much to his owners dismay.
HEY if you don't want him pooping on the concrete, give the poor thing a bit of grass to go on.

Ahh I am sad for lovely knuckles.

Meanwhile back at the ranch..
I was up early again.
I amused myself with blogging, laughing at ghetto teen mothers on baby gaga (yeh I know I shouldnt but sue me) and playing in photoshop where I created this;

This will be my new sign off.
I like it. Probably because I...
1) I came up with the idea on my own
2) Downloaded the brushes
3) Created the cards

I wanted to make it a tad more creative.
But i've been at it for 3 hours and I am really really hungry!!!

The footy starts in an hour or so and normally I'd go down to the pub to watch the game but I sincerly can't be bothered.
I can listen to it online.

I hope everyone has had a fabulous weekend.
Mine has been okay, I am just glad I haven't gotten sick.

Ooops there goes that stupid owner again.
Yelling at knuckles.


Bella said...

Poor Knuckles, his owner sounds awful! I think his owner does deserve a knuckle sandwich! ;)

Love you new're so creative!

Rebecca Louise. said...

just from this post KNUCKLES grates me lol! x