Monday, July 20, 2009

Eh you win some

You lose some.
Thats what they say huh..
So.. I've finally grasped the concept of HOW to create a blogger layout in photoshop.
I've mastered the skill of the "slicing" feature also, worked out how to host the images.. and plug them into the html coding the photoshop gives me.
But then..
I very much understand the "concept" of how it all works.
But as far as filling in the blanks to make it all come togerther.
I am blank.

I am laughing at the fact that its 2pm and I've done um...
There is a huge pile of washing sitting on the pool table.. and I don't feel like touching it.
Of course I know I MUST touch it at SOME point.

Hot damn I'm hungry.


starkravingmad said...

You need dreamweaver to put them all together