Monday, July 6, 2009

Well there goes that favourite recipe

I was buggered when I finished work.. but being the good(although sometimes evil) daughter that I am.. I thought I would make dinner.

I headed to the supermarket.. picked up some oysters.. random purchase but they looked fresh.
And some chicken for one of my all time favourite meals to cook.

Morocan Chicken.

However silly me forgot the cream and the chicken stock.
So I call dad and ask him to pick some up.
I throw the oysters under the grill..

Start to brown the chicken, which is covered in lovely morocan spices.
It gets a good 7 minutes on a high heat. Then I turn it down.
When dad gets home, another 10 minutes with the stock so it can reduce.
Pull out the chicken, put in the cream.

And we are done.
Cook some veggies, some mashed potatoes.
We are good, right?


Have way through dinner my dad realises that his chicken isn't cooked well.
WTF almost 20 minutes for a peice of chicken..
Okay I guess it was a little thick.

I have already poured through my chicken.
I notice a few peices are a little under cooked. But I assume they will be fine.

Enter 4 hours later.


My belly is aching
My butt is releasing mega farts
and my stomach is throwing up all kinds of acid that is ridiculously sweet?
Hmmm maybe thats the stomach acid from the un cooked chicken mixing with the chocolate I had for desert.

I am SO careful when I cook not to cross contaminate.
My Oma(Grandma) once poisoned me with un cooked meatballs while she was watching us when I was 15.
It was that kinda food poisoning where you dont feel ANYTHING>>>
Until you awake and your stomach among other things explodes.

Because I'd spent the whole night online, she assumed I was faking to get out of school coz I was tired..
Yeh not so much...

I spent all night and the following day hugging the toilet bowl.

I can only HOPE that my stomach has turned iron and at the moment it is fighting off the bacteria that is attempting to invaid my body right now..
Somehow though.. with my luck.

I don't think there is any chance of that.


30 minutes later I threw up.
Stacks of bile.. but not much of my actual dinner.
That means one of two things.. my stomach was good enough to pass some of the food for me and will now let me feel better and sleep..
Or I have a long night ahead of me.
I have ice water, have cranked the window to get some air.

Oh please dont let this be one of those nights.


WiseGuy said...

Bad! I hope you don't have to do the toilet bowl rounds at all, and your body corrects itself....

Lie down a bit, try to lie down on your left side...comforts the stomach...All the best!

Kitty said...

think of the weight loss!!!

this is all i can think of that is positive....


heyLyss09 said...

i totally feel you on this! i spent the whole day yesterday throwing up a whole bunch of nothing. luckily today i woke up normal.