Thursday, July 16, 2009

Over it

Dad managed to get an appointment to see the neuro guy he saw last time.
The guy thinks he MAY have fainted and then had a seizure.
But because its happened more than once, they need to run more tests.
Blood test.
Tilt test.

and something else.
Next week he has to stay up all tuesday night and get exhausted, then they will go in and run some tests on his brain to see if he possibly has epipsly that didn't show up before.

Ontop of that.. the stress of everything is really getting to me.
I'm sick, and I wont say more coz its TMI.
But let me say I am rather uncomfortable.
I am going to avoid going to the doctor until next week because I really don't feel like being poked and prodded while i'm driving dad around to be poked and proded.
And my doctor is only in on tuesdays so thats the end of the that.

I think I may take half of next week off.
I am just so exhausted and stressed out over everything.
I just need to relax but at the same time I can't because of everything going on.

I was just starting to get my depression and emotions in check.
And then this.


Frankie said...

I hope you're dad's ok. I know how stressful it is , to tend to the needs of someone who's not well, when you're not well yourself.

He's very lucky to have you there but do give yourself some time off too. Good idea to get away from work for a bit.

Bella said...

I think taking some time off would be best for you. This is very stressful and you need to focus on getting you and your dad well. Praying for and thinking of you and your dad! I hope this neuro can give you both some answers. ((HUGS))