Monday, July 27, 2009


That I am exhausted and awake.
That I am missing my mum so much.
That my dad finally gave me my mums wedding ring.
That I then 5 minutes later heard him say "good night princess, I love you" (And he meant it)
That RM has disapeared from my life and I feel a massive void. Like my heart has been smashed into a millon peices.
That I have so much work pilled on my desk sometimes I find it hard to breathe.
That no matter how hard I try to change I never can.
That I am transfering my affection. FUCK FUCK FUCK.
That they don't know whats wrong with my dad when something clearly is.
That I constantly am craving someone to talk to.
That I haven't slept in a bed snuggled up to anyone for more than a year now.
That I want to quit smoking but dont even have the guts to try.
That I now constantly crave sovlaki.
That I wake up in the middle of the night wondering if your dead.
That wanting to help someone, and them letting you actually help them is not fucking simple.
That my heart is exposed.
That I am slacking in paying off my debt.
That I am spending too much money.


PorkStar said...

Seems like we both could be suffering from the same, except that i miss the wife (soon to be ex) : (