Saturday, July 18, 2009


The other day we were all standing around outside getting our morning coffee.
We have a van that drives to our work and delievers us lovely hot lattes and cappucinos.
I placed my order, and one of the ladies (who isn't a regular) was in a bit of a mood she was like YOU CUT IN! HOW RUDE!
My response was "I was just placing my order, if richard is a true gentlemen he will make the coffee in the other we came out"
She continued to sarcastically make a fuss, going on and on and on and on.

I then experienced deja vu.
I have always experienced it quite a lot in my life, usally atleast a few times a week.
I said "woa freaky deja vu" because of all the things that could have been "repeated" in my life why that.
The woman then proceeded to tell me that it meant "my life was on track" and that "everything was what it was suppossed to be"

You expect me to believe that crap.
It was the day after dad had the seizure so I was tired and not in the best mood.

There are lots of mixed messages out there about why people experience deja vu....
But I think this one tends to suit me a little more.

In the late 20th and early 21st centuries, it is widely believed that déjà vu could be caused by the mis-timing of neuronal firing. This timing error was thought to lead the brain to believe that it was encountering a stimulus for the second time, when in fact, it was simply re-experiencing the same event from a slightly delayed source. A number of variations of these theories exist, with miscommunication of the two cerebral hemispheres and abnormally fast neuronal firing also given as explanations for the sensation. Scientists also believe that it could be due to a split-second restart of the neural system, leading the person to believe they have already experienced an event some time before, when theoretically they have experienced the event only a split-second before.

I tend to have it at the weirdest moments.
Just 5 minutes ago I was emersed in an awesome game of "diner dash"
Because really what better things do I have to do with my saturday night than play video games after i've slept all day..
umm lol yeh..

Just some food for thought..
Speaking of food..
Second dinner?

I knew that grand-pa style 5pm dinner wouldn't do me any good.


Rebecca Louise. said...

I get deja-vu loads and it happens at the most inappropriate times like in interviews, on placement or in the middle of the night when I am sleeping. I agree with that theory of deja-vu!

As for that woman who made a fuss - I would have been straight and told her that there is something in life called patience and it is well worth trying some time lol! xxx.