Sunday, July 5, 2009

So help me god, I will not touch fake tan again

So yesterday just before I left.
I made a comment that the fake tan hadn't worked.
So I smothered myself in bronzer. Off I went.

Well by the time I got there, it had started to work and boy was it patchy on my legs.
This morning I woke up, and I'm orange. Yeh pretty streaky and orange.
Thank god its winter and I cover up.

I am so itchy from these meds that I am on.
I can't control it.
I know its in my head but nothing helps. It like hurts NOT to itch.
But then off course if I itch.. it hurts also because I end up breaking the skin.
Yeh I scratch THAT hard.
I can't help it.
So now.. but of TMI here. I am sitting here in no pants.
Smoothered with moisturizer so that if it its I can rub, or scratch and it wont do so much damage.
Even know its tingling saying "ITCH ME CARAGH ITCH ME"

Driving me nuts.

I have to put pants on and go down to the shops to get some food.
ahh how will I go.
Must not itch in public.

I ended up putting fake tan on my neck.. to ya know blend with my chest.
THANK GAWD that is the one place that didnt go all streaky.

My stupidity really will be the death of me!


Bella said...

Oh, I had that happen once too! Sucks! I hope it fades soon!!

Frankie said...

yeah, I just gave up on the 'bronzer' type ones. I just used the DOVE one now that's in a moisturiser so you just rub it in like you would a moisturiser and it slowly builds up over the week..much safer!

'Murgdan' said...

Ooohhh..yeah. That stuff scares me. I used it once...and had orange palms for the rest of the week. I'll just have to settle for my many shades of pale.