Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Just to prove my boss is an idiot.

The other day at work we were having a discussion about fertility.
My friend M thinks that he is extremely fertile. His son was concieved 3 weeks into his relationship with his wife, it turned out to be a happy ending.
Because of this one "happy accident" he seems to think that if he blinked at his wife while she was ovulating that she would be pregnant.. or something along those lines..

This of course led to the topic of infertility.
B my friend who struggled with infertility for many years, openly discusses his infertility. The problems, and struggles they had to go through to concieve their son.

My boss chimed in that he knew a couple who tried to concieve for many years.
5 years on their own, and 5 years with IVF.
He then went on to say after 10 years, they save up.
Relaxed... and as the urban myth went on...
He revealed that after they "just relaxed" they went on to concieve not only one miracle baby, but two.

I am not an expert in infertility, but reading all of the stories.. following the journey's that many of my blogger friends are on.
I tend to wonder if he as confused and got the story wrong.

Reason 234823984029839 as too why my boss is an idiot.


heyLyss09 said...

There's nothing more frustrating than when people say things like "oh just relax" and "it will happen when the time is right". I just wanna whack 'em!

K.T. said...

Thank you for the message on my blog!
I SO HATE the comment "just relax"! I should make a shirt that says - "Don't even think about telling me to RELAX!"