Monday, July 6, 2009

ladies if you'll please...

So on thursday.. I think (I've tried to block it out)
I have my "pelvic ultrasound"
when it was scheduled I was blissfully unaware that this COULD very well be an internal exam.

I am looking for some feed back.

1- Seriously does it hurt.. Pain scale of 1/10.
Keep in mind I've had limited doodle near my va-jay-jay.
haha I said near. So gay.

2- Will it hurt afterwards? I am going out to dinner that night as someone for my work is leaving. Is that a bad idea?

3- Roughly how long will it take. (this is the important thing, usally you know something is wrong by how long it takes.. thats how I knew my kidney was fudged)

Umm.. Seriously I think thats about it.
I know I have to drink a bit of water to fill the old bladder.

Eeepp I'm still hoping Its just an external. But I know thats kinda stupid.
I also cannot be ASSED waxing or shaving for someone to shove something in there that will give me NO pleasure and only pain. (the bad kind)

Sometimes I wish ignorance was bliss.. and I could have just ignored it all.
But seeing as I had terrible pain again this month, followed by a 1 day period.
I think its better that I keep my head out of the sand until i've been given some answers or the all clear.

So if you would please.
Help this clue-less girly out.



'Murgdan' said...

No pain at least not on any of mine. Maybe up to a 2 if they're moving it around looking for ovaries..and no soreness afterwards at all. Depending on what they're looking for it may take 5 minutes. I've never had one take longer.

Hope that helps. You'll be Okay. :-)

heyLyss09 said...

Definitely doesn't hurt. When it first goes in, it's slightly uncomfortable but it only lasts a second. You'll be completely fine afterward, no soreness or cramping. It only takes a couple of minutes unless they need to focus in on something. Overall, it's not the greatest experience only because it's a little awkward, but it's definitely not terrible. It's one of those things where you kinda feel silly afterward for being worried.

I've had 17 of these since 2006!

Sarah said...

Nope no pain. Maybe mildly uncomfortable like Murgdan said, if they are fishing around for ovaries or something. But not pain. I have never had any soreness afterward.

You'll be fine.

Bella said...

No pain at all...maybe just a little pressure. You'll be just fine, I promise!!