Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Between fighting for peace and dying for love we still find time to enjoy life

- PK Shaw.

That is the quote of the day on my desk calander.
Couldn't help but look at it and think it was true.

I spent so much time doing nothing today.
It wasn't intentional I am just having a slow day.
On the wind down now.

Despite all the positive feedback I recieved from the lovely ladies giving me advice on my pelvic ultrasound tomorrow..
I still can't help but me a little worried.
I have this unfounded fear that I'll drink TOO much and I will accidently pee on the ultrasound tech.
HA. I have a weak bladder so its a REAL possibility.

Tonight I am going to make profitter roles.
I am excited, they are a french thing and I am going to "Attempt" to make them.
I didn't tell any of the guys at work incase I fail!!!!!

If I pull it off, I will post some pictures of my handy work.

My hair has been so much better since I did my crazy mask.
I think i'm going to re try it MINUS the banana.
I recommend everyone try it, has improved the feel and look of my hair.
Definatly on my to-do list for this weekend.

I also really need to clean again.
I massive clean out.
ARGH I hate cleaning, I really need a cleaner.
Nooo that would be lay-zeeeee caragh.

My friend at work is trying to be extra annoying.
He says that me and his wife remind him so much of each other.

He burps at me, so I burp back and suddenly its really yuck??
My burps kick his anyway.

Okay 30 minutes to go now.
Must do some work.. or google more recipes..