Thursday, July 30, 2009

When will today END???

I woke up late today.
I thought GREAT, i'll be a little late for work.... less work for me (It's thursday sue me)
Somehow I managed to be on time for work. WTF?
The one day I want traffic it's not around.
I get to work and my boss informs me M wont be until later because he's had some "drama" he needs to sort out.
I freak out because M rarely has any drama, besides of course when his 18 month old J is sick.
I asked my boss what had happened and he goes "its pretty serious"
So now im freaking out and im like SHIT SHIT SHIT.
My boss won't tell me anything, he's respecting M's privacy and I understand that. But M was going to come straight in and tell me anyway. I didn't bother him.

When he went to pick up his son from day care last night he was told he'd been acting "a bit weird"
By the time he got there at 5:30, the right side of his sons face had been paralsyed.
His wife (who is very high strung at the best of times) was freaking out, they took him to the hospital who basically said "oh wait and see"
J still has sensation in his face, and he can also still see out of his eye but one side of his face is just dormant.

They said its most likely Bell's Palsy Of which 95 % of children fully recover.
Still an extremely tramatic experience for both of these young parents.
I can tell M didn't get a wink of sleep from being at the hospital just to watching J sleep. He's not an emotional guy and doesn't tend to get very visably upset.
Anyway they didn't like the "wait and see" approach so they managed to get him into a specialist today. He's waiting on the call now for how it goes.

If anyone has any spare prayers please say a prayer for J and for M & his wife.

I still can't believe how slow today is gone. I am so so so looking forward to going home and having a shower/crawling into bed.

Man I had some drama last night as well. So many emotions going on in my head at the moment. I can't seem to work out what the hell is what.
It's doing my head in(<---- Very aussie saying)

The only thing going through my mind right now is


heyLyss09 said...

Bell's actually runs in my family and all 3 of my relatives that have had it have made a complete recovery. I must say that you do look reallllyyy weird until it goes away because the affected side droops down.

Poor kiddo. Makes it hard to eat, too. I'm hoping it goes away soon!

Bella said...

I so hope everything is okay with M's little boy. How scary. Hope everything with you is okay too. ((HUGS))

Rebecca Louise. said...

Oh my! Keep us updated on his condition! xxx