Saturday, July 25, 2009

writters block

Right now I feel like I have SO much I could write..
But it would all just come out jumbled.
I want to write a few posts.. i've seen a few posts on body image.. I definatly want to throw in my 2 cents on that.
I want to speak about my family and a few secrets that have been floating in my mind lately.....
I want to bitch about AF being a no show again which means either i'm on the wrong pill or its too fricken good.
That reminds me, need a new prescription of my crazy pills tomorrow.
I want to write about a list of goals I am thinking of giving myself.... yup i'm procrastinating about life changing decsions thats probably not a good sign.
The bloggy world has been a bit quite as of late... Lots of things going on.
I also have an Un-Healthy obsession with the game "diner dash"
I am pretty sure it was designed for 10 year olds. I keep getting caught up in games that last for 40 minutes. I am such a loser.. I am not hungry but I strongly feel the urge to eat.. oh if only I had that list of life style changes to refer to maybe i'd be doing a bit better.

Lots in the works...
Stay tuned..
or not.. its really up to you.


Katie said...

LOL I feel like that a lot. I have tons to write about, but nothing to say... It's weird!

Kitty said...

i get like this! my secret to posting, like 6 times a week, is writing a lot of posts when i feel inspired and 'writey'.

i then edit them to 'post-worthiness' and store them in draft.

then when i am over the whole world, i just scheduled those fuckers up, like areoplanes at tullamarine.

i can have a whole week off being keyboard-challenged, but still bore everyone to death with my retarded crap!


Frankie said...

I know how you feel. Sometimes at times when I'm mentally the 'busiest' I am just not inspired to post as all that mental energy has gone into actually DOING stuff. Except when it has to do with guys...then I ramble like an idiot.

I do like Kitty's idea.