Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Its official!!!

I have arrived in the world of blogging..
I just got my first nasty anonymous comment.

If you want people to mind their own business don't give them a reason to talk about you. If you're going to hang all over a married man, you're going to be talked about. If you have so much respect for him and his marriage...keep your skanky hands off him. He's married. geez.

1st of all- LOL
2nd of all- I do believe I said I put my head on his shoulder
3rd of all- Fuck off

Man whoever that was just made my day.

PS: Can everyone who thinks that men and women who have partners can't be friends with someone of the opposite sex, or the sex they are attracted too.
PLEASE raise your hand.

I am pretty sure this is the annoyomus commenter. Columbus, Ohio
ISP: Sbc Internet Services.




heyLyss09 said...

Ahh! I just wrote you a long comment and the internet ate it.

I think that annonymous comments are really dumb. I think if people can't own up to what they're saying, they shouldn't be saying it. That's why I have annonymous comments disabled on my blog.

I don't think you're being skanky, I'm just nervous about the situation for you. I really don't want to see the guys at work turn your friendship with B into a huge drama-fest.

I know what it's like to be on both sides of this. I've had close male friends with significant others, and I also know what it's like to be a jealousy-prone wife. I hope that if B's wife does end up having a problem with your friendship, she'll handle it by talking to B and not confronting you like a madwoman.

Bella said...

I love when people don't have to courage to attach their name to their nasty comment. Guess they're not as tough as they think they are, huh?! Congrats on officially arriving into the blog world! Too funny you pinned the person down to their IP address!!! ::giggle snort::

Anonymous said...

this just in.... PANCAKES!

PorkStar said...

They must live in the countryside somewhere thinking it's the 19th century...

Kitty said...

anonymouse commenters are fucking spackers - ignore.

i am married and i personally LOVE IT when young blonde things put their bodies on my body. anywhere is fine.

just keep doing it.

Anonymous said...

< Columbus, Ohio
ISP: Sbc Internet Services.>'re so smart. *eyeroll* Yes, that's me. No big secret...anyone with a tad bit of brains can find a persons IP address. Big Whoop. It's not like it's my name and address. All you had to do was ask I could've saved you the trouble.
Would you like my name too? Vanessa there. I don't have a blog that's why I comment as anonymous. And yes, I'm a returning visitor. I floated over here via Bella's. (congrats on the babies. twins, how cool)

I still stand by what I said...the guy is married, you're crossing a line, even if you don't want to see it. I will apologize for allowing my feelings get the best of me and using the word skanky. I should have said keep your hands, that are not wearing his wedding ring, off. He's married.

Men and women, even those married to others, can be friends. Absolutely. It's when your behavior starts tongues wagging that there's a problem. Friends don't behave in ways that make those around them question what they're up to. You can deny and bluster all you want...but that's the truth. You can blame it on others and their dirty minds or whatever...but the fact remains that no one would say anything about you and B being friends if you guys weren't acting like more than just friends. Answer this...if B's wife was sitting next to him on that bus would you have put your head on his shoulder?? If the answer is no...then you shouldn't be doing it when she isn't around. Simple. And if you say you would I call bullshit. No married woman is going to be fine with some other chicken cozying up to her husband. Ain't happenin'.

You don't want a drama-fest...then don't give people something to talk about.

I'm sorry to hear about your Dad. Seriously. I hope everything turns out fine. I have enjoyed reading your blog...this subject just hit a nerve and I reacted poorly.

Anonymous said...

Good grief...the word chicken should be chick. I must be thinking about dinner.