Tuesday, July 28, 2009


I hate so much that my anger consumes me sometimes.
I guess its just part of my depression which doesn't really help.
With all the work piling up, and the stress building I feel like I am kinda close to breaking point. Those few days of did wonders for me, but slowly I feel the pressure building on myself again and there is really no way out.

There is nothing more I can do besides tell myself to suck it up princess and just move on. Focus on the tasks I have to do, and forget about everything else.
Its harder than it appears.

My hair is being an asshole again so I am going to treat myself to a lovely
Avacado Hair Mask

And PRAY for a good night sleep.


Lisa RM said...

I had an avocado face mask the other day. Oh, wait that was just the avocado on my face from licking the bowl. Oops.

PorkStar said...

Feel better doll, the feeling is mutual here, although i try to hide it. Must hide it in my case.