Friday, July 17, 2009

Oh the guilt!!

I have really been missing max, my dog since he went to live with my brother and his partner and their dog Molly.
I knew it was in his best interests as they were very close.
I'm not doing much this weekend, so I thought having max for a short visit would be good.
He was very excited and happy to see me, also happy to be putting his colar on and getting in the car.
When we got home he took a big wee on the front lawn and then ran around the house looking for everyone. (No one was home)
Then I gave him some dinner.
About 5 minutes after that he starting howling..
My lil boy has never howled much, except for when my mum died.
He is SO sad to be away from molly.. I almost feel guilty enough to take him back!
But sometime apart will be good for them, it makes all relationships stronger.
My brother will be really happy to see him when he gets home from work, and I am happy to have someone to snuggle up next too..
So long as he stops crying and wants to have a rest.

It is amazing how much knowing you DONT have to work for a few days does to your mood.
I am feeling really good right now.