Wednesday, July 15, 2009

If its not one thing.. its another.

My life is full of drama..
It flocks to me.
My family, my friendships, my relationships.
One big fucking drama after another.

Today I was run off my feet at work.
By 3pm I had this weird feeling something wasn't right, my heart was racing and I was sweating and feeling really fucking ill in the guts.
I assumed it was lunch and all the running up and down the stairs.

I finally sat back at my desk after a long stint running around and my desk phone rings for the 230984230984098 time.
I answer quickly assuming its another asshole who wants something.
But no.. It's my dad's boss.


He asked me if I got the txt message from dads phone.
Dad has had another turn...
Another seizure.
Basically back in feb, he had a seizure at work.. A large one. He fell.. hit his head went to hospital. Tests showed he had a small non cancerous tumor.
He went through heaps of testing which cost a fortune, only to be told it was un explained.
Yeh awesome.

This time the seziure lasted for 25 seconds. The worst part was, he was out cold for 15 minutes. Stopped breathing a few times.
Thankfully, he is okay. He was a bit foggy and out of it.
They ran some blood tests, which were normal.
Didn't do a CT or Cat Scan and basically told him not to drive.
Go home, and then go and see his neuro guy again.


I wont even go into a rant about how mad and upset I am.
He could have been killed, he could have killed someone on the road.
I'm pissed that he will have to go through the same expensive tests again, probably to have no soultion put forward.
I'm scared that this could happen again.

So I'm asking for it.
Prayers that my dad will be okay.
That they will find whats wrong.
That they can fix it.
That everything will be okay.
Because I can't NOT have my dad. He is all i've got left.
I need him, and he needs to be here. His time is not up.

Dad's girlfriend was at the hospital when I got there.
She didn't shit me too much, she as pretty concerned.
She bugged the nurses coz he was waiting quite a while.
Someone refered to her as my mum.
I laughed, so I wouldnt cry.
In the end dad came home with me, and she went home about 20 minutes before us.
When we got home she sent him a txt saying how bad she felt and that she was being selfish for going home and not looking after him after all he'd done before.
It actually made more sense for him to come home with me though.. so I wasn't pissed and he wasn't upset or anything.
I guess that was kinda nice.

Anyway, besides my crazy day.
Lack of sleep.
Far to much nicotine.
And a SHIT load of drama.
I am okay, and things WILL be okay.
Well thats what I am hoping.


Kitty said...

so sorry this has happened, but i hope your dad is ok babes xxx

Bella said...

OMG, I'm so sorry and I am praying everything with your dad turns out okay! ((HUGS))