Thursday, July 9, 2009

My conclusion? Well.. Inconclusive

I just got back from my "Pelvic Ultrasound"
I say that loosely because it took almost an hour to do the whole thing.
I was lucky to get a woman(THANK GAWD) I don't think she worked at that hospital though.. I also had a trainee who was watching her do the proceed er.
Because I was in a women's and maternity hospital. I got to watch the whole thing on the tv above me. Kinda cool.

She tried through my stomach first, and had to take a look at my kidneys coz one is lil.

I will defiantly say the kidney part of it hurt much more than the trans part.
They have to push so hard to get a decent picture.
I was pretty much resigned to the fact that I was gonna get a trans, and everyone had reassured me I'd be fine.
She wasn't getting any good pictures so I had to empty my bladder.
After a bit of poking and prodding.
Left side, right side, sitting up.
She got everything she wanted.

Then they left the room and I stripped. Sexy.
They kept stressing that if I was a virgin this wasn't a good idea.
Seriously do i look like a virgin.... Coz to be honest with ya lady my first vibrator was far bigger than that probe! Sorry.. over share.

Its funny how when you think your relaxed its not,but all was okay.

She was VERY careful and checked everything.
The opening for cysts.
Uterus.. hehe its so funny how it looks exactly like its drawn in pictures.. it cracks me up! She checked my cervix.

They concentrated on my endometrium quite a bit.
I have no idea why..coz I dont know what it should look like.... they did like a contrast shot and a blood flow shot.

Very cool to watch.

My right ovary appeared and had 11 follicles..
Yeh I dont know if thats right.. They were little ones only 4mm.
My left ovary was hard to find it was under my uterus I think.. it looked fine said the tech and the doctor, but for some reason that was the only part...
Oh besides her ramming the probe into my rib cage that hurt.
The left only had 6 follicles all 4mm

I am on the pill and that surprised them a bit?
Yeh again.. lol NO idea.
I didn't have a period last month well it lasted for a day.
And I just gave up and started my birth control 12 days ago..

All in all, the tech appeared happy and the doctor had a quick look.

I am a lil sore from having the probe in there for about 30 minutes.
Maybe because the girl was in training?

So at the end of the day.. I still don't know anything.
But in another month I go back to the hospital and I will find out my results.

Again thanks to everyone for there words of advice.. they really helped!

I'm gonna be late for dinner.
Better run!!


PorkStar said...

wow, my goodness, good luck and i hope everything is well.