Friday, July 10, 2009


I can't believe its friday night.
Seriously, it blows my mind how quickly this week has gone.
I really want to do my friday fragments post, but I honestly can't be bothered even putting the link up.
I know.. Slack.

I was fine after my ultrasound yesterday.
Dinner with my work mates was okay, but the food for some people was terrible.
Lucky I didn't get a wood fired pizza too because it would have been burnt to shit like theirs.
Work went so quickly this morning. Before I knew it, it was 5pm and I was outta there.
We had a 3 hour + meeting.
It was terrible, after that long sitting down I wanted to jump out the window.
And it was so BORING and frustrating.
One of my managers talks SO much, he asks so many questions and never lets the subject change quickly.

But with that being said, it killed a lot of time.
Too bad, I had a alot of work to do.

I'm wrecked because I was having night mares last night.
Mr Mans now ex girlfriend (YES she finally came to her senses and moved out)
I didn't believe him when he told me, but he was talking to my friend when one of the removalist trucks pulled up. So she really left him. GOOD ON HER.
Anyway, in the dream I basically went to sydney where they live and told her everything.She seemed SO happy I told her the truth.. coz she knew something was up.
Then she left, came back and shot me in the head.
Yeh I was watching Law & Order and thats how someone died on the show last night.
So that kept me up for a while.. and when your having intense dreams like that.
Your not in a deep sleep, which totally sucks.

I am 99.9999 percent sure i've had an allergic reaction to lexpro.
I am rashy, and itchy all over and I have scratched myself too peices I'm gonna end up with more scars than I already have.
I need to decide what to do about that.

I had to re format my computer for the 4th time today.
I am such an idiot, I must just keep downloading virus's.
So now I have some nice protection which will hopefully prevent this from happening again.

I don't have any plans for the weekend, I really need to clean.
Possibly do a little shopping with what money I have left over for the month coz I get paid next week. YAY.

Its tax time and I'm due for an ok refund.. not huge but no one would turn down 1000 dollars would they? Nope well I sure as hell wont.

I also got a job title change at work because of all the extra stuff I'd been doing.
Yes its just a tittle change but it secretly made me a little happy and I was thankful for being reconized for all the extra things I do.

B is coming down next week for a sales conference
I AM SO EXCITED!!!! I haven't seen him since last October.
We were friendly then, but not as close as we are now so it will great to see him.
We have dinner on the monday night at a nice restuarant and I told him his testicles would be removed if he didn't sit next to me.
He is happily married, and people TALK. But I don't care, its nothing we haven't heard before.
Why is it a male and a female can't be friends if one or both is an a happy and healthy relationship. I'll NEVER know.
I was meaning to ask him this week about doing something on sunday night, but he had already made plans and was meeting some of the other guys at the airport.
It would be hard to sneak past them.

Considering that I am falling asleep.. I did a good job with this post.
But I should spell check so I don't look slow.

Lots of love to everyone.


Bella said...

Glad you were fine after the ultrasound yesterday and congrats on your job title change!!! That's awesome! I'm glad you're finally getting recognized for all the extra stuff you do! Have a great weekend! And thank you for your thoughtful comment on my blog, I really appreciate it. xoxo.

Sarah said...

how long have you been on the lexapro?

Sarah said...

Probably not an allergic reaction then.