Thursday, April 9, 2009

Day 2

I'm feeling better...
I won't say I'm feeling GOOD.. but definatly better.
I'm struggling with remembering to take my pills, but i've just gotta get into the habit.
I might have to wake myself early tomorrow in order to take it at the right time, I dont wanna get off track over the easter break because its a good chance for me to get my routine in order so that i'll have more success sooner down the track.

Nausea is quite a bit better, my sleep is yet to be interupted infact i was very tired last night but I didnt switch off til about 11.. Still pretty early considering.

I dont have much planned for my long weekend, but I am getting my car back.
SO excited.
I have hated not having my car, not having the freedom.. my little toyota yaris might not be the fastest car on the block.. but its definatly my baby and It gets me around.

Sex with an ex?
Bad idea..

Almost as bad as the unavailable guy, who apparently is happy to wait til im ready to talk, and happy to give me whatever I want..
hmm don't know about that.
I'm trying to move on for the feelings I have for him, its damn tough.
But i'm realistic in knowing its time to move forward.
We'll have to maintain a friendship.. but at the moment I can't.
I asked him if it was all just a big joke and he said to me,

"Nope no mistake here, I love you (sorry but i just do) "

So we'll see..
Its all just words at the moment, it has to be.
To anyone who doesn't believe its possible to completely fall in love with someone you've only ever met once in person.
You are soooooooo wrong.
If he appears down here any time soon then we'll have an issue.

This is caragh signing off.
I keep accidently pressing the space bar.. and then thinking that it wasn't me.
Clearly it was!
I should be working, I should be.. I should be...
Ah fuck it, i'm good at my job and I work hard.