Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Early to bed, early to rise

I didnt go to bed early.
I tossed and turned last night.
damn me and my over active imagination.
I was excited to get up and read all my blogs this morning.
does that make me a loser?

I dont feel like today will be the best day, But I also don't think it will be the worst day.
Up and on with it then.


Erica said...

Thanks for your support on my blog. :)

I really love the quote you have at the top of this blog too. Pretty powerful and one that I'm gonna type up and post on my mirror in my bedroom. That way I can repeat it everyday to remind myself that I am strong and I can keep moving on.

Thanks for that!

Andrea said...

You are not a loser, you are very sweet to be so excited to support all of us! Hope you have a good day!