Friday, April 10, 2009

Dear Caragh

You are a fucking idiot.
You torture yourself on a daily basis.
You actually found the strength to tell him to fuck of.
You don't owe him any kind of explanation.
YET you gave him one.
You stupid stupid stupid immature, pile of POO.
You know that they are togerther... but he say's there not
You've seen the face book status updates.
OH FFS.. WHY WOULD YOU DO IT.. because I wanna be friends
Because I wan't to hurt myself continuously because I dont feel that I am in any way shape or form.
Repeat after me..
You are weak.

I want the ran to keep falling..
I want the sky to fade to black..
I want the storm clouds to brew..
I want to fall asleep and never wake up


Andrea said...

You are not weak, you told him off, that took strength!! Everyone's strength falters at times. Give yourself the credit you deserve :)