Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Random statements

1. Doctor thinks despite break through bleeding, that i'm okay.. but because I was concerened refered me to a hospital to see a GYNO.. I don't know how I feel about that...
2. She thinks I should go on the pill, and see how I go and then decide about seeing the GYNO..
3. Possible endometriosis, I don't know how I feel about that... I don't really know enough.....
4.I will try and educate myself, but not think about it too much
5.. Abnormal Pap smear with HPV result, not related?
6. Tomorrow morning I am offically on Lexapro again. 10mg, we'll see how we go.. must admit.. I am taking this to help with the agression and sadness I am at times experiencing.. PRAYING to god that I don't have bad side effects, I didnt last time.. also preying it will help me to get up and going and possibly loose some weight.
7. I have lasted 6 days without talking to him, he hasn't tried to call me.. Only on email "I miss you, please call me"
8. I can't not yet, not strong enough but I will be.

9. I am feeling a bit funny in the tummy right now, I want a hot chocolate but i'm scared of what it will do to me.

10. I think thats about all, I'm going to start documenting my Lexapro takings and moods and stuff.. just a small note so If I reflect back in the future that I'll have something to look to.


Rebecca Louise. said...

Go get a hot chocolate and good idea with the meds notes.

Sarah said...

Do not google endo. Just dont do it. Save yourself form hours of reading horror stories and panic. Just go see the Gyno. You'll feel better once you do.

Jaren said...

I'm with Sarah! Go see your gyno!
Hugs and prayers~j