Saturday, April 11, 2009

Winning makes me happy

So I ventured off to football...
People say alone like its such a bad thing, I'm my best friend.
Is there anything wrong with that?
Sure sometimes its nice to have company, but its not always appropriate.
I'm in a depression, the last thing and I mean REALLY the last thing I want to do is drag someone else down with me.
Nope, If im going to sink I refuse to bring anyone aboard to sink with me.
But i'm not going to sink, no no thats what the lexapro is for to help me stay above water.

My team won, which makes me happy.

I had chinese food.. that makes me happy and sad because its hell bad for ya.

I'm downloading the movie Milk.... its almost half way finished.
That makes me happy.

Overall today is about a 7.5/10

Still trying to work out if im going to see my exgood friend tomorrow..
Thinking thinking thinking


Sarah said...

if you are talking about the man whore that cheats...being your ex good friend. Dont do it! You are trying to get yourself together and that loser is just going to open up old wounds. Just stay away from him as much as possible for your own sanity!