Wednesday, April 22, 2009

When it rains, it POURS

At the moment its pouring work.
Don't you hate those work related emails that STIR UP TROUBLE.
They basically suggest that someone, or infact groups of people just.. aren't doing enough in times of economic uncertainty.

At first it was suggested that WE as a department weren't doing enough.
So we put forward out efforts and it was clear that the sales force.... weren't doing enough.

So at the moment we have been inundated with request for all sorts of jazz.
Most of its required NOW NOW NOW.
Which is fine, if you have NOTHING else to do.

I love being busy and I love doing my job well.
But sometimes it seems like these requests are unreasonable.
But I'm not the type of person to turn around and tell someone to get stuffed (this means piss of in aussie )
I like to be helpful, but a few friendships are being stretched the moment.
I'm mostly working through my lunch break and my eyes are going fuzzy by the end of the day.

On top of all the outside requests, we as a team have a huge amount of work to get through.
Something that if we focus most of our attention on will still take us a few weeks.
Its a real catch 22, do our job and help out everyone.
Or just do our job and tell everyone that they can wait.

I wish it was THAT simple.
But its not :(


Kristin said...

It really sucks when your hard work isn't appreciated. {{{Hugs}}}


WiseGuy said...

Totally ouch!

It must be sapping your energy so much, esp knowing that whatever you do, the higher ups don't think it is enough!

Good Luck!


Jill said...

Ooo I hate being put in that kind of pickle! I hope it all works out soon!


~Jess said...

It's never easy to feel like you're already going above and beyond (and most likely suffering for it...sleep deprivation etc) and then get told that you're not doing ENOUGH.

Hang in there...


Anonymous said...

I've been peeking in on your blog all month and been meaning to comment...


You seem like a sweet girl, I hope things go better for you.