Tuesday, April 14, 2009

The one time I didn't want to be right

Sigh, My prediction this morning that I wouldnt have the best day.. Well it came true.
Maybe I set myself up for failure?

I've been working through some stuff all morning, but just have been able to get anywhere.

My friend, good friend Bryan whom I work with has Pnemonia.
I started more than 2 weeks ago as a cough, but after a week away on the road(he's a sales rep) He has been knocked flat for more than a week.
This man, does NOT take time off work. Infact he has more than 100 sick days saved up.Not anymore.

Even with medication, it's spread very quickly.
His lungs are now scared, imagine two weeks and they are damaged.

It's really upset me. I really value and love our friendship and not talking to him is really starting to bug me.
I can't visit him either, because he's in another state.

He's being admited to hospital for more tests this afternoon because he's not responding to any kind of treatment they give him.

I had a nap on the weekend, and I actually had a very scary dream.

AH I tend to seet myself up to get upset I think, so generally I think I'm just pretty down and worried about him.
He is the sweetest guy, very short and he always comes across with the line "good things come in small packages" and "I may be little but I have a big heart"
Now these lines SOUND cheesy, but there so true.
He is the sweetest thing, and I'am very worried.

I better go I've got a stack of work to get into.