Saturday, April 25, 2009

So um.. I post ALOT

and thats either indeering, or annoying. Or both.. On with the post.

Dear Clothes sitting on the floor, im really sorry that you've been down there for so long waiting to be washed.. I promise to clean you tomorrow.

Dear Carpet I know you need a good vaccum BUT I HATE TO VACCUMM none the less, ones the clothes are moved and washed I will definatly put in my best 50 % effort.

Dear Teeth I'm sorry I haven't taken you to the dentist for a while, but im scared that they will yell at me. I really dont like being yelled at.

Dear lungs, sorry im still smoking. I will quit when the time is right. I don't like to fail at anything and right now I will fail miserably which would make me smoke more.. you dont want that do you?

Dear Heart, I am REALLY sorry I let you fall in love with him. I went againts our better judgement and now we are both suffering.. Please forgive me?

Dear stomach, I'm sorry I feed you such crap lately. Thats probably the reason why your sending all gas throughout my body. Its coming out both ends.. Its annoying I know. Me + Carbs = BEST FRIENDS. I promise to drink more water this week, and to stick with at least a few of the good food groups.

Dear Hair, I'm sorry I havent cut you for awhile now we have split ends but its only me to blame. I'll fix that real soon.

Dear Mouth, I'm sorry that I occasionally eat and drink things that I KNOW are too hot and I burn you.

And last of all

Dear Me.. I'm sorry I cant stop thinking, anaylsing, eating, smoking, drinking and falling in love with people that are bad for me.
I wish I had the strength right now to leave all this immature negative behaviour behind me. I'm sorry that no ones been close enough to us to give us a hug lately, I'm sure we both miss that alot. But hey you definatly owe me for going to the GP and getting that lexapro because things would surely be worse than they are now!!!

Love Always,


Nina said...

*Lots of Hugs* Hope you feel better. Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Ice Cream from Baskin Robbins is a cure-all for everything, I've found. And it's in the dairy group, not the grain/carb group, so you'd be branching out. You might ask the doc about Wellbutrin, it's the same drug in Zyban, the stop smoking drug. Good luck!