Sunday, April 26, 2009

Small things amuse small minds

So that giant pile of washing is now gone.
YAY for that..
As I was putting my wet washing into the dryer.. i noticed sometihng sitting in the filter. My mother was always very particular about cleaning the filter.. so its something I do everytime I use the dryer.. Because it can cause a fire!
I don't like fires.. thats another story. But anyways my siblings and other household members obviously never listened to how important that was.
IN the dryer I found 10 dollars.. Now wow 10 dollars.. Now for a moment I thought about going "HEY has anyone lost 10 bucks"
That quickly vanished from my mind, and sliped the note into my bra.( no pockets, plus its cosie in there)

1- My older brother doesn't contribute to the household with regards to cleaning products, toilet paper,washing powerder.. ect.. and he buys his own food...
So I figure he owes us a little.

2- My dad.. well generally my dad is very generous but im a little bitter at him lately coz I gave him 12,000 which he spent on the motor bike that my mother never wanted him to have... that he doesn't ride anymore because he has a girlfriend who is too high maitance and kinda annoying.
That 12k would have made a HUGE dent on the emotionally draining 35k debt's I have.
Yes i'm single, 22, have no student loans but I have 35,000 THOUSAND dollars in debt.
No judgement.

3- My brother and his girlfriend are generally very good. But they've been scabbing alot of cigarettes off my lately, and I figure they owe me at LEAST a few packs.
Also we shop togerther, and whenever we do.. they always buy a hell of a lot more stuff than I... infact last week they spent like 50 bucks more than I would have.
And when it come's time to pay, we split the bill 3 ways but I always pay a little bit extra.. it happens every time..
It even happened today, but I managed to throw a few extra yogo's in the cart so I guess with that 10bucks which mind you has gone straight into my awesome money jar.
Which can't be seen into.

No I can't save.. infact I have 300 dollars in "savings" in my bank a/c right now.
Which I would spend.. but I am really trying hard to pretend its not there.
Despite the fact that it couldnt definatly be of use towards some new clothes, a car service, or rip off trip to the dentist.

To anyone who's stumbled onto my blog just now and is reading this.
Seriously, i'm not generally this petty... but we're in a recession people.
I am one person, on one income, and im fending for myself and sometimes it sucks knowing that if my registration is due, or I get a speeding ticket, or something unknown pops up.. I don't have anyone elses income to bank on AT ALL.
I've just gotta suck it up and work out a way to pay it. (usally onto one of my many credit cards)

I suck


WiseGuy said...

Hiyas there...ya you deserved that 10$...teaches them to listen to Momma!

In reference to what you left as a comment on my blog, I totally agree. Nobody is forced to read a blog...if you don't like it, close it...but people can't go making fun of other people. It is bullying to make others submit to the 'standards' of behaviour, when there is no actual need for.

Andrea said...

Yes, you really deserve that $10! Don't you love when everyone else takes a 'little' from you?! Those 'little' things really add up after awhile!

Beautiful Mess said...

I would have pocketed the $10 too! It's free money! I love the idea of an Awesome Money Jar. we have a change jar in our kitchen, but no dollars. I should bury a few bucks in there for safe keeping.

The Captain's Wife said...

You crack me up. If I find money (anywhere) I usually stop....look around to see if anyone is watching me...bend over to pick it up...stick in my pocket (or bra) and casually walk away.

Now of course if I saw someone drop it, I would certainly return it...but hell if it is sitting there screaming to me "Karianne...pick me up...spend me on starbucks" how can I walk away?

The Captain's Wife said...

Oh yeah...been meaning to ask you, since you are in Australia (right?) are you a fan if Kasey Chambers? I guess I make the assumption that EVERYONE is Aussie likes her, but that is such a random belief. That's like saying everyone in the US likes...I don't know, Madonna.

Anyway, I've see n her a few times here in the US and very much love her first 3 albums and her early stuff with her Dad and Brother, but haven't loved the past 2 albums she made with Shane. Curious about your take on her music...