Saturday, April 18, 2009

Follow up

So I got my follow up appointment at the womens hospital with a gyno.
I've never seen one before.. I don't know how there gonna react to my symptoms..
By the time I go there(Which will be in a month and a bit) I will have been on the pill for a while, and it will show if my symptoms have subsided.

I could go somewhere to see someone sooner, but I don't have private health insurance.
I did have private health with my parents but when my dad got cancer, he couldn't afford the larger excess. So I came off his policy.
I've been meaning to go back onto a policy.. but I haven't gotten around to choosing one.

In Australia the public health care system is different.
In the public system, you are covered in the case of any kind of major emergency, or medical problem. There are good doctors, and good hospitals.
If you don't have private health, the government introduced a tax, and if your a single its around $ 800 dollars at tax time, but its money that you never see.. so I guess you don't miss it.

We have a system called bulk billing, in which doctors are paid basically by the governemnt.(Our through our taxes, which ever you prefer) There are other doctors as well, that don't bill (These are the ones I see at the moment) the goverenment directly. You pay the bill and are re-emberced less a small differnce.
Basically a standard consultation will set you back about $12 dollars, and a longer one about $20.

The standard of care, differs between doctors. The doctor I currently see is great. Her level of care is second to none, she's one of those doctors who listens and taks in everything you say. She's not overly pushy, or bossy. She doesn't say "THIS IS WHATS BEST FOR YOU. SO YOUR DOING IT" she explains it in a way thats kind and caring.
So if you were having any doubts, once she's finished talking you normally wouldnt.

I've also been treated as a private paitent and had an excellent level of care. Private hospitals are smaller, and have more staff. They usally have better facilities, nicer beds, smaller rooms ,better food.

Obviously because the public system is bigger, the level of care is obviously not as great as in the private system.
My mother refused to use the private healthcare system before she died, and recieved all her treatments and care at a large, old public hospital.
Their pallitive care unit was disgusting.. I wouldn't send anyone there to die.. as bad as that sounds. My mum was very close to dying at a point, and then they managed to bring her back to life as such and she went on to live for another 4 months.
I believe its because she didnt want to die in that HOLE.
OHHH it makes me angry just thinking about it.

My dad however, had no objections to being treated at a private hospital.
He always had a private room,the best treatments and doctors.

I am greatful, that I live in a country where the public system is available.. and although if I got very sick tomorrow.. my treatment would still cost me some money.. but it would not send me broke..
If I had a blood clot, or a brain anuerism, and had to have emergency surgery.
I would not loose the clothes off my back to pay for it.
For that, I am so very very greatful.