Saturday, April 11, 2009

The sun will come out tomorrow

Yes.. I'm feeling better.
Much better actually..
I would rate today thus far about a 6.5/10
No lexapro side affects today

I'm just about to get myself out of bed, put on some half decent clothes and take myself off to a football match.
Yes i'm going alone, which is slightly pathetic but at the same time even if we loose I know it will make me feel a damn lot better.

A friend of mine has been pushing me to hang out with her (okay an ex girlfriend who I quite possibly want to have sex with) We were meant to do it today but I dont think im quite up for the company yet. I feel bad because I know she set aside time for me..
but nope not feeling it today..
Still feeling rather un-sexy.

For anyone who follows mck mamma, Stellan is out of the PICU
YAY much

I'm going to move..


Andrea said...

Glad the side effects are letting up! You sound like you are doing really well, I'm proud of you!

Thanks for your kind words AGAIN on my blog. After awhile I figured out that if I didn't make jokes, I'd just cry. I didn't want to cry anymore.