Sunday, April 12, 2009

Easter Sunday

I am feeling alot better today.
Seriously, one day at a time is all it takes.
I didn't go out last night, infact I downloaded and enjoyed watching Milk.

Amazing movie, seriously I highly recommend it to everyone..
It actually made me very proud to be same sex attracted and very grateful that people across the world, fought to bring hope to future generations like me, and those who will come after me. But its more about civil rights, the rights of every human being who walks this earth.
Anyway, watch it.. its amazing.

However.. I kinda sorta maybe have downloaded a few too many tv shows/ that one movie this month.We have super fast cable internet (super fast by australian standards, our cable coverage is nothing compared to that of the US, or euorpe but it will be thanks to the 1 trillion million billion dollar plan layed out by the government last week, but anyways)

Long story short, my brother went away yesterday to visit with his fiance's family, and its going to come back to super capped (i'm talking 56k old school, terribly slow internet) and he's going to kill me because its a public holiday and he can't call and beg them to extend our download limit.
I'm REALLY hoping that he doesn't yell at me too much, violence is not the answer Matthew.. Yeh my brother plays WOW he is going to be VERY upset with me.

I took myself out for breakfast/brunch/lunch but forgot that nothing is open today because the government has ruled that they aren't aloud to be..
So pretty much nothing was open, but I found a cafe' and had something to eat and coffee. Read my Cosmo.. I swear i'm not girly, but trashy mag's are my weakness.

Anyway I don't have much planned for the rest of the day.

Lexapro side effects= None. Zero. Zip. For 5 days in thats pretty damn good, I have slept alot though.

I really feel like going to visit mums grave soon, mothers day is coming up.. I went last year but dad and I were fishing up there. I don't think he'd go up with me this year. I could go now If I think about it, its a beautiful day.
hmmm hard

I hope everyone has had a nice easter.


Jaren said...

Girl, you've got lots to keep up with on your blog! I swear, no stopping by "Anyone's Story" for a quick update...grab your cup of hot tea and get ready to scroll ;)

Glad you're doing sure you give yourself the credit you deserve for taking the time to introspect, for realizing that taking one day at a time is the only way to live life to it's fullest...

RE: the boy issues (from previous posts) they too are "Any-girl's story." I also understand and relate...I think when we finally love and respect ourselves first, and view ourselves as a woman-- completely, confidently, independently, and courageously woman--we won't want to settle for relationships with anyone less than whom we believe continues to bring out the best in us...the best we already are aware of, and the best they've yet to help us discover :)

I love hearing about the Aussie world!!! You're like the penpal I never had ;) I like how you guys say "intrawebs!" And I want you to email me sometime with details on how you're doing with the whole HPV thing!!!

And, yes, happy Easter...except I didn't color eggs this year so it didn't feel the same :\