Wednesday, April 29, 2009


I'm on a winner today.
For once I'm not feeling like a fat ugly slob.

I'm probably just feeling better because I've had my eye brows waxed, eye lashes tinted. My skin is clearing up, and my hair is doing what its meant to for ONCE.

I've also got through a fair bit of work.

I've had a nice lunch. Egg's benedict and a yummy coffee.
I love breakfast, if I could only eat one meal for the day that would be it.

Because I went to lunch early.
I'm now going to spend my "second lunch" commenting and reading everyone's blogs.
Because all the boys are out, and I can do what I want..

Ah haaa


Hope everyone is having a super day, and a fantastic week.


Andrea said...

Yummmy...breakfast! Enjoy your day, good lookin'! :)