Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Natural high.. sorta

So I'm pretty much as high as a kite right now.
I haven't felt this giggly for a few months so its kinda nice.
I'm assuming, really assuming that the lexapro has kicked in.

Apart from my little melt down today about people not having manners.
(Btw, he called and said thank you)

I laughed alot today at work, which I felt guilty about actually.
I will share the crappy news first.

One of the guys I work with, he is an an athlete, he rides bikes and does marathons.
He is a really sweet guy, very kind and a family man.
I don't know 100 % of the details, but yesterday he was riding and he came off his bike. He hit his head quite badly and had bleeding on the brain. They did emergency surgery, to releave the pressure. He also smashed his shoulder quite badly. At the moment he is doing okay, he is still in intensive care but is awake and alert.
So please if you have some spare prays send them his way, as I will be.

Also my friend Bryan who i've mentioned before, he lives in another state but we are really good friends. Well he was admitted to hospital yesterday with double pnemnoia. He was not responding to treatment orally, so he will now be in there for atleast a few days on a very heavy dose of antibiotics and fluids. I was very worried about him, but he txted me last night and also today saying that he was feeling a bit better.. Finally.
So also some prayers for Bryan.

Today at work, I laughed alot.. again guilty with all the things that have been happening.
We have merchandise at work, basically which has our company logos on it, ect to promote the company(I work in marketing) anyway we were discussing different promotions that we could run with these new jackets that we got in.

They are very swanky jackets, water proof and fleecy on the inside with all the brands on them. They actually cost alot of money for something we are going to give away.
Anyway, my friend at work Mat decided to try the jacket on. For some reason, he did the jacket all the way up pretty much too his nose.. but it got stuck! So he was standing there for 10 minutes but he couldnt really get the zip.. and we were all trying to help him but it was hilarious to watch this guy shimmy his way out of a jacket. I was in stitches..
I dont know why it was so funny, it just was.. Usally hes so composed and wouldnt do soemthing so silly.. but yeah it was good to have a laugh..

I was also just talking to a friend of mine, she got back from dubai today after visiting her boyfrind who is over there on work. We are going out for her sisters birthday to a theatre restaurant. I am so excitied haven't been out in a while and I am SO feeling it this weekend it was gonna be great.

We were discussing another friend who is getting married in a few months. It's kinda bitter sweet, our friend is still pretty young. (22) she got pregant by accident on purpose at the end of 2007 and had a healthy baby boy which is great... but I dunno..
Usally when you go to a wedding its a beautiful emotional event and you see the couples love and everything..
There love kinda doesn't move me.. I dunno.. I guess that sounds a bit mean.
I am still so happy that shes found love and happiness.. but yeh I'm just not all that excited and I was just having a laugh with my friend.

Anyways, I've talked enough crap.
In summary, today 8.5/10.

x Caragh

Ya so he called me.. after more than 2 weeks now i've not speaking on the phone. It was kinda nice just to chat to him.. We talked mostly about work, and he spoke about his easter with his daughters. I have to try so hard not to melt when he speaks about them.. just the amount of love you can tell pouring out.. And he was just telling me these little stories and saying how he was tearing up because his daughter who is very independant and hates to be cuddled and picked up was snuggling with him. Yeah its hard.
But i'm moving on from THAT part of my relationship with him, and hopefully into a solid frienship. so thats good.