Wednesday, April 8, 2009


Hour 1..
Funny taste in my mouth.

I can hack this..
I will feel better...

I will control my temper.


I cracked last night..
Txt's messages are evil when your laying in bed feeling alone...
I liked one of his comments
"We can walk togerther without holding hands"

No we can't.
My feeling for you are stopping me from moving forward with my life.
And your unavailable..
So unavailable.

Onto the day...


Rebecca Louise. said...

I used to be like that with texts at night.

If he is unavailable. Steer clear.


Andrea said...

Thanks for calling me beautiful...that was VERY generous of you :)

I'm not sure of the back story of this man, but if he's unavailable, you must stay away. It will just hurt you more to get involved with someone who can't be there for you the way you deserve. Stay strong, YOU are beautiful and have a lot going for you, you deserve the very best!!

I hope the Lexapro side effects don't last long. ((HUGS))

Sarah said...

Leave the cell in the other room! Step away from the cell phone. Its just to easy to send out that "one" text at 1am.

You're better than him. Tell him to go fuck a fence post. And tell him I said he is a big fat cheater face!