Monday, April 13, 2009

Degrees of Seperation

I LOVE LOVE LOVE the movie crash. If you haven't seen it, I wont wreck it for you.. but basically it works on the theory that we are all connected.. I will give you an example.

Rod(Man friend I work with)Went to school with A( An Australian Comedy)
A Knows my friend
B (Who I met on the interwebs when I was 12 in a yahoo chat room mind you)
B knows her ex boyfriend
A(another A) Who knows my friend
Mat (Who I work with)
And they both went to the same school who
J (My dads girlfriend) was a teacher
And then of course, theres ME.

Spanning 3 Generations of people, and 3 states.

We are all connected!!!!

Yes I have too much time

Sorry I'm really happy and positive right now, and I just felt like sharing.


Sarah said...

Happy and positive are really good things.

Rebecca Louise. said...

Positivity is the way forward! =]

I love that film it should have won more awards than it did because the portrayals were immense! xxx.