Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Word Vomit

I dont know 100 % whats wrong with me lately.
I have been down.. Way down.
All I do is bitch and complain about him.
Its not helping.

I'm trying so hard to take each day as it comes.
Today was a good day.

My car is in to repaired, at that other guys expense.
As if that could have ever been my fault.
I also just found my insurance is WRONG.
Its got my car plated as an 07' model, but its clearly an 08' Model.
And I'm told this should cost me less?

Oh well one more year til im a rating 1.

I'm exhausted.. I spent 7 hours on the phone last night.
7 hours.
Thats a very long time to be on the phone.
It was an indepth and GOOD conversation.
It got a bit scary at one point...
BUT it was all sorted and for that I am SO glad.

It's actually help me laugh a bit today.
Its great to be BUSY at work.
Keeps my mind of him doesnt help when he calls me.. and trys something.

Hopefully what I said to him today.. which was nothing really..
Will help him to back off.

okay see its like word vomit huh...
Hmm hungry and tired.
Tonight is gonna be interesting.