Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Its called PLEASE and THANK YOU

I hate people who have no manners.
Yes I am aware that I swear alot.
This does not mean, I am not polite and well spoken.
It just means I SWEAR ALOT.

When someone is kind to you, does you a favour, or makes a nice gesture.
Usally in most civilized countries its CUSTOMARY to say.


8 Letters.

It bothers me to no end, that when you go out of your way to offer assistance to someone that they are ungreatful and rude.

I am TRYING not to let this moment wreck my day, but its hard.
I wish I could be one of those unhelpful people, who wasn't a go to person.
But I'm not, thats not who I am.
I like to help people, but not ungreatful people.

Seriously, GROW UP people and use your manners.