Friday, April 10, 2009

I'm awake

hmm its only 7:26am on my first day of an extra long easter weekend.
I'm awake... I awoke very violently at 6:30AM.
I realised that if I was awake, I should get up and take my meds because I need to get into a consistent pattern.
So I did that.. and then.
Bang im awake.
So onto blogger I go.
I wonder if peple wonder how I manage to keep up with all of the 80 + People im subscribed to.

Well, in all honesty.. I do.
Everyone is so DIFFERENT.
There stories are unique and memorable and thats how I keep up.
Each day I scroll through my google thing telling me who's just updated, and I open there pages.. infact sometimes I go down to the point I last read, and then I open them ALL up sometimes this can be 20 blogs.. and I read and read and most of the time I comment, and send some love.

Then once a week starting from the bottom up, I click on each blog im subscribed too, open them up and make sure I haven't missed any entries for the week.
So yup, thats how I do it.

It may seem liek I'm a big loser who spends 203423809 hours reading blogs which may be true.. but everyone has there own story..


Andrea said...

You ROCK for all the love you send us! Thanks!