Friday, April 24, 2009

Rinse & Repeat

Every friday night I have a bit of a pattern.
I come home, get online.. Read my comments, comment back.. sometimes update.
Read a couple of websites.
and illegally download the latest episode of greys straight from the US
I havent been able to follow this lately because its been off for the last couple of weeks.
I love greys.. its my guilty pleasure really.
Its the one show I cannot miss, but we were SO far behind that it was annoying me.. So i caught myself up and have been watching live ever since.
WOO HOO 9 minutes to go.
Once its finished, and I have succesfully tricked my brother into not knowing im downloading stuff(He hates this)
I will go off to get some hungry jacks (burger king) for everyone outside Australia.
Weird name huh?

I busted my gut this week and didn't leave work til almost 6 today.
But it was worth it. I got ALOT done, and I haven't had a chance to really stop and think about all those little things that eat at me on a daily basis.

I got a strange message from an old friend of mine today.
Asking me how I was. I had removed her number from my phone, but I kinda knew it was her.
I wrote back "Who is this" anyway....
She dismised the comment she had just made..
Asking me how I and my dad was (my dad had another scare a few months ago.. a seziure and a small non cancerous tumor on the brain.. they dont know what caused the seizure)
At this time she was exiting my life, because "we just didnt have fun anymore"
and we were "different people"
Instead of getting all sad like I would have done previously I said.

"I'm not in the position to sit around and wait for your friendship. Your making a mistake and I hope your okay with that"
Her life has changed quite a bit in the last 4 months, she has a new girlfriend and everything seems to be going well for her. I'm glad.
Of course i've had an up and then down few months but im on track now and generally doing ok.
I have a feeling she was going to reach out to me and see if I wanted to meet up with her but after my "who's this" message she changed her mind.
She was still rather sweet though.
In any case, I may or may not hear from her soon again.. but like I said. Not in the position to sit around waiting for her friendship.

Woo hoo 3 minutes til greys.

Umm I don't have any plans this week.
In that order... this week and these meds I think have taken a bit out of me.
I keep waking up a few hours before my alarm goes off.. then I fall back asleep.. but dont feel rested when I awaken.


I have found some great new blogs and people I'll be checking in with through ICLW.
If your reading this and I haven't commented back yet.. sometimes I get a little stuck with my words. But over the weekend, I will no doubt track through your journals going back through the archives reading all about your stories.

Thats all folks...


nh said...

Sometimes it's good to hear from our past to remind us that our futures are worth fighting for.

Take care and enjoy grey's