Friday, April 10, 2009

WOW just wow

Okay.. I stumbled onto a pregnancy forum.
No i'm not pregnant, or planning on getting pregnant.
I was just reading through some forum's... and found a thread.

Basically a 16 year old girl was asking how long she should wait before trying to concieve after a miscariage.
Instantly my mind, like most would go to judgement.
NO please NO stop dont do it NO.
I clicked onto her profile to see some belly shots....
I then scrolled down to find out this girl, young little girl had been 6 months pregnant and in a head on car accident causing her to lose her child.
Obviously this is recent and shes still in a very bad stage of grief.

I then proceeded to read the thread and see this young girl be attacked by all the older mothers on the thread.
Telling her she was an idiot, she needed to grow the fuck up, she didnt know what she was doing.

Basically they attacked the fuck out of this poor grieving CHILD.
Of course she took the offensive, told them to mind there own business..
They hacked at her more..
I couldn't belive what I was reading, its someones right for them to have an opinion.
But honestly what kind of kick would they get out of attacking this poor child, who obviously probably doesn't need advice on trying to concieve again anytime soon..
But doesn't need to be attacked while she is greiving the loss of a child she had just buried.

The interwebs always suprises me..


Andrea said...

That's really awful. Good for you for taking the time to read her story!